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Air Travel & Train Travel Choices That Help Reduce C02 Emissions

Egencia introduces a new air vs. rail comparison tool for sustainable travel

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Posted: 15 June 2021
Air vs. Rail Comparator Tool for Sustainable Travel

by Kenza Samiry, Senior Product Manager

Sustainability is at the top of the agenda for many governments and organisations, with a spotlight on the travel industry to make big steps to reducing carbon emissions. As the Product Manager for sustainability, my mission is to help customers shape their culture and shift habits towards a more sustainable way of business travel. To aid travellers with making eco-conscious choices when travelling, we have a suite of sustainability features that help customers to track and reduce their carbon emissions. This includes a carbon tracker in the booking portal, electric vehicle options and charging point filters, a carbon dashboard and reporting, bespoke consulting and carbon offset initiatives.

Our mission to help customers reduce their carbon footprint continues with the launch of our new air-rail display that enables travellers and travel arrangers to choose an alternative option to air for more sustainable and efficient travel. This will help organisations to reduce their carbon emissions, achieve their CO2 budget targets, and save time where it is faster to travel by rail than air.

What’s new?

We have partnered with our customers to create an air vs. rail display that’s designed to alert travellers and travel arrangers when a rail alternative is available for the same flight route. Providing a train alternative enables travellers and travel arrangers to create more greener and efficient journeys, significantly reducing their carbon impact.

How does it work?

When a traveller or travel arranger searches for a flight, for example a trip from London to Paris, a banner will appear at the top of the search page to direct them to view the rail alternative. The new sustainability feature will allow them to easily select the train option to create a greener travel journey- without extra work or cost! This will help customers to significantly reduce the impact of carbon emissions produced by air travel.

What was the driving factor for creating this feature?

Our mission is to help customers consider alternative options for travel by offering more greener modes of transport that reduce their environmental impact and help to meet their corporate targets. This is the future of sustainable business travel, and we’re excited that Egencia’s customers will be the pioneers of booking travel.

Egencia remains committed to helping customers meet their corporate sustainability goals with a platform that reduces their carbon footprint and enables travellers to embrace sustainable transportation options for business travel. For more information on our suite of tools, visit our sustainability page.

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