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What Corporate Travel Managers Need To Know For Post Coronavirus Travel

Business travel and COVID-19: Tips for corporate travel managers
Business travel and COVID-19: Tips for corporate travel managers

Business travel and COVID-19:
Tips for corporate travel managers

Business travel is changing.

The effect of COVID-19 may impact the way we travel for years to come. The importance of travel risk management has never been so clear. From corporate travel policy updates to flight cancellations and business traveller tracking, Egencia has addressed every challenge to help customers.

If you're thinking about the next steps for your corporate travel programme — start here.

How you can prepare for changes in corporate travel

What will corporate travel look like and how can you prepare for it?

Things are changing due to the coronavirus pandemic and in the travel industry we’re still facing ongoing, unprecedented challenges and quickly learning how to approach them safely and with vigilance. Our suppliers are changing the way their organisations are addressing travelling for business. Many corporate travel managers are also planning for how their people will travel in the safest and most protected way once business travel resumes.

Hear from your peers on the steps they are taking to prepare their travel programmes and travellers for the future of business travel.

Ready to redesign your travel programme?

Your goals and priorities have changed, which means your business travel programme has too. It’s time to redesign your programme to align with the new normal. Have you thought about revising your duty of care and travel compliance policies? Is it time to lift a previous travel freeze?  Has another company acquired your company?

If you don’t have a business travel programme, now’s the time to put one in place. 

Download the toolkit to redesign your business travel programme.

Use this toolkit to get started
Does your corporate travel policy need an update?

Update your business travel policy

Don’t forget that you’ll need to update your business travel policy. And don’t worry if you don’t know where to start, we’re here to help. We’ve put together a travel policy guide that will help you create a policy that reflects the new environment.

Get your free business travel policy guide.

Stretch your travel programme budget post COVID-19

Find out how to control travel costs, save money, and stretch your budget with our business travel savings checklist. Manage your corporate travel spend to get back on the road post-COVID-19 and ensure you’re getting the savings your business needs.

Download the business travel savings checklist.

Find out how you can stretch your travel budget
The spotlight is now on you – how can you show up stronger as a business travel manager?

How you can show up stronger as a business travel manager

In today’s business travel environment, many travel managers are feeling the pressure to show up stronger than ever. With risk and spend management high on the business agenda, the c-suite is paying attention to travel in a new way. The spotlight is now on how travel managers can juggle risk management and savings to create a successful, safety-conscious programme.

Read these useful tips and insights on how you can show up stronger and more powerful in the boardroom.

A pre-travel safety checklist

When the day comes to travel again, use this useful pre-travel safety checklist to help answer any questions and provide reassurance on what travel will look like whether you take a flight, hire a car or travel by train, and what to expect at hotels.

Download the pre-travel safety checklist.

Use this pre-travel safety checklist before you take off
How do you know which travel management company is right for your business?

Which travel management company is right for your business?

The COVID-19 outbreak has created new challenges for nearly every organisation across the globe. What’s our number one piece of advice to help businesses as they prepare to get back on the road? Talk to the travel experts.  The right travel management company can help you travel strategically, prioritise traveller safety, and support your spending and sustainability goals. 

Download the checklist to find out what to look for in a corporate travel management company.

Ready to launch an effective travel risk management programme?

Get in touch.