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Q3 product updates and release highlights for 2022

Discover the latest features and enhancements from Egencia

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Posted: 29 November 2022
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Q3 has been an exciting time for us! In the last few weeks, we’ve released new tools and features for our global customers and have made some vital improvements.

So, what’s new?

From better custom reporting and increased control with multi-level approval, to more ways to identify savings opportunities, we’ve added and updated to provide an even better user experience.

Save on hotel spend with Hilton’s SMB programme

Love a discount? Egencia now offers discounted rates at Hilton properties worldwide to small to medium-sized businesses who wouldn’t normally qualify for a formal negotiated rate programme. Through the Hilton SMB programme, customers can now receive up to 7% off and even earn loyalty points whenever they book.

Increase control over business travel spend with multi-level approval

You asked for it and we listened, so by popular demand we’ve expanded second-level approval workflows to North America. Already available to customers in Europe and Asia Pacific, this multi-level approval release now gives travel managers in North America a consistent, global approval configuration option. And with a click of a button, they get the flexibility to mix and match by trip type, whether that be air, rail or car. It also makes it much easier for travellers to select second-level approvers during checkout.

Build, save, schedule and more with data reporting tools

We know you love savings. That’s why we’ve added new features to our reporting tools to help you find opportunities to save money and optimise your business travel programme.  You can use custom reporting tools to answer specific business questions as well as saving up to 20 reports that are scheduled to run automatically at the same time.

Quickly view and download Egencia Preferred Rate (EPR) air data

Thanks to the accelerated investment in Egencia Preferred Rates for air by American Express Global Business Travel (Amex GBT), we’ve continued to refine savings reporting data for customers. You can view air savings data in Egencia Analytics Studio for preferred rates and download the information seamlessly in the data hub. Perfect for when you want to analyse offline or simply share with other teams.

Easy compare hotel property details on one page

Egencia’s hotel and shopping experience is even easier now with our new full-page width design. This new one-page display provides key hotel details, including room rates for specific dates, property photos, traveller reviews and more. Each hotel now opens in a separate tab from the results pages, so now travel managers and travellers can share and compare properties effortlessly.

New user role with restricted access

Travel managers in North America can now effortlessly tailor access for travellers using a ‘view only’ feature where travellers can log in to the Egencia website and app to view their bookings, but with limited access to book or modify a trip. And to help speed up the booking process, users can create draft bookings and save them for completion later by the travel arrangers.

Save time with a new UK rail eTicket in the app

UK travellers can now enjoy a faster, more convenient and greener way to view eTickets in the Egencia app. This allows you to go contactless via your smartphone, scan the eTicket at the gate and show it to station staff—all while reducing paper waste.

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